Drum Filling

Enviroil fills drums to order, with very short lead times and can fill drums as you wait. We currently have a drum filling capacity of approximately 2,500 drums per month.

Enviroil holds a small amount of filled 210 litre drums at any one time, especially to cater for after hour emergency requirements.

We stock and supply our branded and unbranded 210, 20 and 10 litre drums.

Enviroil can also purchase and stock customer specific drums, to be filled as per customer requirements.

We fill customer supplied drums or other containers. We will take customer drums into stock to be held until filling is required.

We pack drums to our customers’ specifications, either horizontally, vertically or upside down. We can wrap drums in plastic and secure them using nylon strapping, depending on the transport and customer requirements.

We recommend that drums transported over longer distances and / or on harsh roads, should be placed on a wooden surface in an inverted position to aid drum integrity and retain product quality.

If you require further information regarding our drum filling and packaging services please contact us.