Unused mineral insulating oil

We Supply:
1. directly into transformers from our road tankers,
2. in bulk, from our dedicated unused oil road tankers, into storage vessels,
3. in new drums that we hold in stock, and
4. into customer supplied drums, intermediate bulk containers (IBC) or other suitable containers.

All our unused mineral insulating oil (new transformer oil) is treated, analysed and certified (in accordance with SANS 555 and / or customer specific specifications).

Enviroil has 16 road tankers with 20 compartments totalling 544 cubic meters capacity dedicated to unused transformer oil handling and transport. Road tankers used are owned and operated by Enviroil and dedicated to carrying unused transformer oil only. We supply uninhibited and inhibited product. Road tanker usage is fully traceable / auditable.

We stock various drum sizes, from 10 to 210 litres and will fill any drum size required. We also fill and label customer supplied drums as per their requirement.

All our transformer oil is supplied with a certificate of analysis.

All unused transformer oil supplied is PCB free.

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